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3 modules protection with panels in no-breakout transparent polycarbonate, with hinged doors complete with safety micro switches and holes predisposition for anchoring to the machine bench.


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Why ....

.... choose TRIMAT as supplier ?
Because, to paraphrase a well-known advertising campaign, IT IS NOT the first on the list and, therefore, it makes daily efforts to grow; because its staff boasts over twenty years of experience, superior to the life of the company itself, has treasured the mistakes of others and constantly makes product improvements.

.... contact a supplier in Lecco area ?
Because sometimes, as the old adage goes, it is good to have the supplier out the door, and because the province of Lecco boasts great experience in the automation sector.

Do you have to ....

.... build an automatic machine ?
Spend a few minutes and turn your attention to the products area dedicated to aluminum structural profiles and to the projects area dedicated to frames and load-bearing structures.

​Both in this case, and for other needs, in the PDF catalogs, which can be downloaded online from the page with a dedicated menu, you will find all the information relating -for example- to the projects category, to the  machinery cages section and to the modular safety structure products, complete with the technical data sheets of each single item while, in this web space, the information necessary to identify the "right" product, the appropriate code or the "resolutive" object.

Catalogs and philosophy

For company policy TRIMAT has chosen not to "inflate" its catalogs with articles and products that are not perfectly compatible with the geometry of the structural profiles of its construction system.
machinery cages and modular safety structure they are anything but a filler of pages without specificities with respect to the preferential sector to which the aluminum profile is aimed.

​In the construction of orders TRIMAT uses, for company philosophy and certainly not for obligation, the same codes proposed in the catalog: modular safety structure and machinery cages are some examples.
This choice has led the company to be very selective and to always have an eye on functionality , on goodness of solutions and ease of assembly, aspects that always translate into economic savings.

TRIMAT supplies....

....only profiles in bars or also machined pieces ?
Profiles are sold both full bars and cut to size, with the possibility of processing such as tapping, drilling and milling.

....only supplies products standard or also with customizations ?
Both: le inventories allow you to manage catalog codes, considered standard, the internal technical office productions according to customer design.

​....only supplies in parts to be assembled or also finished products ?
The company's sales policy provides for both the supply of components, both of pre-assembled, and the construction of finished products, to design or on own project following customer indications.


modular safety structure and machinery cages are among the products that TRIMAT maintains at stocks and sells after selecting and developing, in collaboration with its partner suppliers, those most suitable to satisfy customers, both in situations of greater daily use, which in the specificity of the individual design situation or construction.

​Information relating to the product families projects machinery cages and modular safety structure are grouped by categories and sections that appear in the catalogs in PDF available on the web.

At your disposal !

Would you like to learn more about the technical aspect of an object of the projects category?
Are you interested in a product from the machinery cages section or the modular safety structure article group?

Would you like to receive a commercial proposal for a product of the projects category?
Do not hesitate to send us your request by e-mail or to contact the sales officer who follows you: receiving the quotation will be a matter of hours.

Are you willing to purchase products such as machinery cages or modular safety structure?
Send us your order by e-mail or contact your sales representative: the formalized confirmation will reach you in a very short time.

On the CONTACTS page you will find the necessary references to receive, by telephone or electronically, all the relevant information.
Do you prefer to meet us?
TRIMAT lives in Viganò, in the province of LECCO, and is close and well connected to the major routes.