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J5100 FOOT Ø54 M8 H61 INOX
A2 stainless steel in pack of 24 pcs on demand
A2 stainless steel


motore nastro trasportatore cardanico
mozzi tulli
nastrone cambio pendenza
partilare testata rinvio
tubi rullo1
Why ....

.... use aluminum structural profiles ?
Because they are resistant, unalterable over time, lighter than iron and steel, easily workable and aesthetically valuable; basically because they are Columbus' egg of mechanical structural design.

.... choose the TRIMAT supplier ?
Because, to paraphrase a well-known advertising campaign, IT IS NOT the first on the list and, therefore, it makes daily efforts to grow; because his staff boasts over twenty years of experience, superior to the life of the company itself, has taken advantage of the mistakes of others and constantly makes product improvements.

.... protect an automatic machine or fence off a work island ?
Because, in addition to the law, common sense requires it, and not only for the protection of operators: for a company, an accident at work is the worst event that can happen!
Because it is often easier to keep at a distance, preventing access to unauthorized people, rather than predicting reckless behavior, a harbinger of danger or risk, for oneself and for others.

.... design an automatic machine or a conveyor with the frame in aluminum profiles ?
Because designing is difficult, predicting every detail even more and the modular system allows space for changes in progress.
Because they have the slots that we can exploit to support the accessories and the drive and control parts that are essential for integration with existing machines and systems.

.... to equip a laboratory with a bench made with aluminum profiles ?
Because imagining what the future needs will be is not easy and the Aluminum profiles, thanks to the slots -or grooves- allow to customize the workstations over time.

.... buy a conveyor belt or a motorized roller conveyor ?
Because they are tireless, they relieve operators from alienating operations, because they free up time to be allocated to more profitable activities; because they are the natural complement to automatic machines and systems, because they carry out all handling activities without complaining about the repetitiveness of the operations!

Do you have to ....

.... transport or channel boxes or products, enslave or evacuate the scraps from an automatic machine ?
Spend a few minutes and turn your attention to the products area dedicated to structural profiles and to the project area dedicated to conveyor belts , roller conveyors and gravity channels.

​Both in this case, and for other needs, in the PDF catalogs, which can be downloaded online from the page with a dedicated menu, you will find all the information relating -for example- to the aluminum structural profiles category, to the  feet wheels section and to the foot ø54 inox products, complete with the technical data sheets of each single item while, in this web space, the information necessary to identify the "right" product, the appropriate code or the "resolutive" object.

Catalogs and philosophy

The articles, grouped within the TRIMAT catalogs in sections  feet wheels and foot ø54 inox, are families of extruded profiles, of components and structures, all forming the backbone -or a natural complement- of the supplies that the company offers to customers.
TRIMAT builds and supplies on own project following surveys, by drawing, following request for preparation or customization, in accordance with its standards or according to specific needs of the customers.

​In the construction of the orders TRIMAT employs, for company philosophy and certainly not by obligation, the same codes proposed in the catalog: foot ø54 inox and feet wheels are examples.
This choice has led the company to be very selective and to always have an eye on functionality, goodness of solutions and simplicity of assembly, aspects that always translate into economic savings.

TRIMAT supplies....

....only standard packaging or also loose pieces ?
In both supply conditions and, in some cases, with regard to the cut to size of the profiles, he does not ask for the withdrawal of the scraps because he has the opportunity to use them in its own production to order.

....only profiles and accessories or also finished products ?
Both: sells profiles and components, builds both to design, or to your own project following reliefs and customer indications.

....only standard products or also with customizations ?
The company's sales policy allows you to manage both catalog codes, considered standard, which productions according to customer design.


TRIMAT manages a warehouse, thanks to the mathematical model of inventory control implemented since start of the activity, all the products it offers in its catalog of profiles and components.

feet wheels or foot ø54 inox, for example, are constantly under control of the system thanks to which TRIMAT is able to supply its goods always in accordance with the temporal needs of the customers.

At your disposal !

Would you like to learn more about the technical aspect of an object of the aluminum structural profiles category?
Are you interested in a product from the feet wheels section or the foot ø54 inox article group?

Would you like to request a quotation for a product of the aluminum structural profiles category?
Send us a request by e-mail or contact your personal company contact: we will do everything possible to send you the quantum as soon as possible.

Have you decided to buy products such as feet wheels or foot ø54 inox?
Send us a formal communication by e-mail or contact the sales officer dedicated to you: we will send you official confirmation within a few hours.

On the CONTACTS page you will find the necessary references to receive, by telephone or electronically, all the relevant information.
Do you prefer to meet us?
TRIMAT lives in Viganò, in the province of LECCO, and is close and well connected to the major routes.