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5414110 HINGED DOOR MESH H2000 L MAX 1000
5414210 HINGED DOOR PC-AC H2000 L MAX 1000
anodized aluminum frame
galvanized steel and technopolymer accessories
welded galvanized or black painted steel mesh
customized colors mesh on request
plugs for leveling and ground mounting on demand


cassettiera banco lavoro min
castello spruzzatrice min
nastro 6mt 4 piste 01 min
nastro 1 cambio pensenza min
prospettiva nastro trasportatore cardanico min
Why ....

.... choose aluminum ?
Because it is among the least valuable metals from an industrial point of view and among the noble ones from the point of view of use: it is better to be the best among the amateurs or the worst among professionals?

.... use structural aluminum profiles ?
Because they are resistant, unalterable over time, lighter than iron and steel, easily workable and aesthetically valuable. Basically because they are Columbus's egg of mechanical structural design.

Do you have to ....

.... guarantee the safety of the operators, protect an automatic machine, fence off a plant or a work area ?
Spend a few minutes and turn your attention to the product area dedicated to aluminum profiles, to that of projects carried out in the field of accident prevention on the machine and to that of perimeter fences.

​Both in this case, and for other needs, in the PDF catalogs, which can be downloaded online from the page with a dedicated menu, you will find all the information relating -for example- to the projects category, to the aluminum fences section and to the hinged doors products, complete with the technical data sheets of each single item while, in this web space, the information necessary to identify the "right" product, the appropriate code or the "resolutive" object.

Catalogs and philosophy

TRIMAT, after a market analysis linked to the compatibility of the products with the proposed modular system in aluminum structural profiles, has included in its catalogs hinged doors and aluminum fences, voluntarily limiting the choice of range and renouncing to multiply the pages with recursive items or one hundred percent incompatible with the extruded profiles themselves.

​In the construction of the orders TRIMAT employs, for company philosophy and certainly not for obligation, the same codes proposed in the catalog: aluminum fences and hinged doors are some examples.
This choice has led the company to be very selective and to always keep an eye on functionality, goodness of solutions and simplicity of assembly, aspects that always translate into economic savings.

TRIMAT supplies....

....only standard packaging or also loose pieces ?
In both supply conditions and, in some cases, with regard to the cut to size of the profiles, he does not ask for the withdrawal of the scraps because he has the opportunity to use them in its own production to order.

....only profiles and accessories or also finished products ?
Both: sells profiles and components, builds both to design, or to your own project following reliefs and customer indications.

....only standard products or also with customizations ?
The company's sales policy allows you to manage both catalog codes, considered standard, which productions according to customer design.


The products hinged doors and aluminum fences are just some of the examples of what TRIMAT can supply by taking from the shelves and cantilevers from its warehouse, from the ready, thanks to the inventory management implemented in the company.

​Information relating to product families projects,   aluminum fences and hinged doors are grouped by categories and sections that appear in the catalogs in PDF format available on the web.

At your disposal !

Would you like a personal contact person who can advise you in choosing projects?
Are you interested in the aluminum fences section or the hinged doors product?

Would you like to receive a commercial proposal for a product of the projects category?
Do not hesitate to send us your request by e-mail or to contact the sales officer who follows you: receiving the quotation will be a matter of hours.

Are you willing to purchase products such as aluminum fences or hinged doors?
Send us your order by e-mail or contact your sales representative: the formalized confirmation will reach you in a very short time.

On the CONTACTS page you will find all the necessary references; do not hesitate to write to us, you will receive all the relevant information electronically.
Do you prefer to meet us?
TRIMAT resides in Viganò, in the province of LECCO, and is close and well connected to the major routes.